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Preparing Students to Succeed in American Schools

An all-encompassing program that provides students with strategic ESL courses designed to support academic acquisition and adapting to life in America. Coupled with the After School Tutoring program ensures that they are academically successful. College tours offer a taste into the possibilities of college life in America.


Winter and Summer Institute

All-inclusive two or four week program infused with courses in English development and adapting to life in America. Plus, take weekend field trips to local landmarks.

ESL Program

Curriculum designed to prepare incoming students to study and live in America. Courses are focused on English Language, American History, and Adapting to Life in America.

Field Trips

Get to know your host country by visiting local landmarks, sampling new food, and making new friends.

  • Disney World in Orlando, FL
  • Ferry ride to Statue of Liberty in NY
  • Movie-star sighting in Beverly Hills, CA

College Tours

Tour American colleges and universities. Meet new people. Plan your future now.

northeast college tour

Boston College, University of Pennsylvania, Swarthmore College, American University, Georgetown University, and more

California Tour

USC, UCLA, Drew Institute, Full Sail University, Stanford University, Berkeley University

florida tour

Florida International University, University of Miami, University of Central Florida, and more

New York College Tour

Columbia University, New York University, Fordham University, and more


After School Tutoring Program

One-on-one tutoring helps to build necessary skills, support home and classwork, and receive additional academic and language support.

  • Strategic instructor/student matching to ensure high level of success and academic mastery
  • Encourage excellent education based on the exchange of knowledge and advice from experienced certified instructors